All drawings are portrayed in a figure as natural as possible, but also cropped in an ideal form to be used in a wallpaper design.

Insect list

The insects were divided into three categories depending on its habitat. These are 1. Open are (sunny spots in forest after dead tree fell down), 2. Dense forest ( where big and old trees grow), and 3. In between.

All insects were portrayed in 1.5 times bigger than an actual (large side of the actual length). I tried to capture the active figure of them, rather than them being in a collection box. These are still just underdrawings, and it will be redo on Japanese paper with watercolor. I do check online the insects details like how many segments the beetles legs have, but if you spot any mistakes, please let me know!

Fungi list

Fungi list is in progress…….

Mystery mushroom
Photo taken by me when we visited the forest