Forest wall paper project

On going – over view

These images are made as photoshop pattern.( The repeatable basic is indicated with the thin blue lines, and it will be filled in any size. ) The colors and shapes are made for to visibly be shared my basic idea with you, not actual color and shape.

I made this based on my understanding what Michael told us. My idea is : “Open Areas” illustrates sunny part of the forest after letting the dead trees fell. It will be meadow flowers and insect, but also a new seedlings and dead wood lying in the area. “Dense Forest” keeps old and big trees, and there will be floor plants and insects prefer shadows and darks. Then the rest will decorate “In Between”. Those will not be strictly accurate, but I would like the wall paper to be as sincere as possible to the wonderful forest research. So, any suggestions or pointing out any mistakes and misunderstanding are welcomed.

Insect list

I divided the insects into three categolies depending on its habitat. These are Open are (sunny spots in forest after dead tree fell down), Dense forest ( where big and old trees grow), and In between. It may not to be so clear where those insects should be placed. Insects move around throughout the forest. So, I ruled to place the dead woods in the open areas, and shadow preferred insects in the dense forest area. It doesn’t necessary to be super accurate, but I would like it as sincere as possible. Any suggestions are welcomed!

All insects were portrayed in 1.5 times bigger than an actual (large side of the actual length). I tried to capture the active figure of them, rather than them being in a collection box. These are still just underdrawings, and it will be redo on Japanese paper with watercolor. I do check online the insects details like how many segments the beetles legs have, but if you spot any mistakes, please let me know!