Beta-For-est wallpaper Germany 2023

Wall paper project inspired by the research project at the University of Würzburg

Title : Beta-For-est wallpaper Germany 2023

Why 2023? : I name wallpaper project by year. However the year doesn’t mean the year of the creation, but it indicates the year when the reference research I based for creating the list of the wallpaper.This time, it was last year ; when I visited the forest and Michael gave me the list.

The gallery installation view
The scale should be reasonable. Approximately, the person is about 160cm tall, and the artworks are about 40 x 40 cm. 

The title comes from one of the forest research names “Beta-For”. Actually, the meaning was still a mystery even though I tried to translate and google it in various ways.  However, I decided to go with just the sound of it. It sounded like “better for” and it matches the spirit – we all seek the better solution for the better future. It might not be the best because the best is….probably we all have to give up our convenient modern life.

This title shouldn’t show any less respect towards university research. I hope this doesn’t give any unrespectable feeling. 

On the contrary, this wallpaper artwork is inspired by the clever method of the project and generous effort of the research team.

A basic tile ( 53 w x 70 h cm) design
This is the repeatable basic part with 53cm wide. The wallpaper will repeat and connect the tile vertically, making 53cm wide roll sheet.
How to install it
It should be put up with a half drop (35cm drop)style on the wall, then it creates the flow like the first image. 
Also, see the left side ; The green area presents the open area, and the blue area represents dense forest. The rest are consists with in-between and dense forest mix.

go to the list of all plants, insects, and fungi


Now I prepared two different background, green or white.

Wallpaper – This is the same pattern with the wallpaper, but slightly smaller. The color is different. The wallpaper should not be jumpy for eyes, it was toned down intentionally. This print uses the actual color of the drawings.

Print 1 – in Green

Print 1 in Green
Title : Beta-For-est wallpaper 
    Size : 90 x 64 cm
 ( The image size: 76 x 54cm, Margins : 5 cm for top, left, and right, 9cm on the bottom)  
   Edition : ?

Print 2 – in White

Print 2 in White
Title : Beta-For-est wallpaper 
    Size : 90 x 64 cm
 ( The image size: 76 x 54cm, Margins : 5 cm for top, left, and right, 9cm on the bottom)  
   Edition : ?

Again the print will come with my signature (printed). Then I ask you to write the edition number, to prepare a certificate (write the title, edition number, size, and connection half stamp with a red ink), and stamp another seal with red ink… Then it will create a very special feeling!

I ask you to write 1 to 3 (in green) and 4 stamp it before selling prints

1. Title : ex. Flowers in a vase
2. size : ex. 70 x 50 cm
3. Edition : ex. 3/10
4. Stamp a Japanese seal (connected to a print)
5. Asuka signature and personal seal – I will sign it before sending you

Asuka will prepare the guide how and where to write and stamp those details along with Japanese seals, red ink, and certificates.