Forest wall paper project

On going – over view

The wallpaper represents the managed forest dead tree project which your university team is working on. It may be simplified and very decorative as it is an artwork, but my aim is to visually state the cleverness and beauty of this project.

I made this based on my understanding of what Michael told me. The wallpaper will consist of three parts, Open areas : Dense forest : In between. 

“Open Areas” illustrates the sunny part of the forest after letting the dead trees fall. It will be meadow flowers and insects, but also new seedlings and dead wood lying in the area. 

“Dense Forest” keeps old and big trees, and there will be floor plants and insects prefer shadows and darks. 

Then the rest will decorate “In Between”

These images are made as photoshop pattern.( The repeatable basic is indicated with the thin blue lines, and it will be filled in any size. ) The colors and shapes are made for to visibly be shared my basic idea with you, not actual color and shape.

**The actual wallpaper will be much plain color with two tones (brown and green). Also obe segment can be much bigger.

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