41 x 41 cm Frame artworks

There are 11 frames in your gallery. I suggest why don’t we have 12 artworks at the show. That means there is one frame short. I am planning to ship (via air/EMS) all the artworks in early summer, and my intention is to include one frame along with the rest of paintings. It will work as a reinforced buffer during the shipping. This is my suggestion, so after checking what are available, let me know what you think. Now, I would like to share what artworks I am planning to send you..

Artworks in Germany

The next 6 artworks below are the artworks that already in your gallery.

Forgive me, all will be in the same sized frame (41 x 41 cm), but I didn’t have time to note all the information, including the price. My price range are about the same as before – we can discuss the detail later.

More artworks

Next 6 artworks below are now with me here in Japan, and those will be shipped in early summer.

Actually, I wish to include one more artwork, which (I think) is very suitable for the show in Germany… However, I have limited time and now I am thinking to prioritise creating really good wallpaper first – Which, I am afraid but, is slightly behind the schedule…

This is my mid-report for the show!

I am planning to prepare several small works in the similar size with the tomato paintings you have in the gallery. Let me know any suggestion or your opinion!