Show title ;

We discussed about the title and the theme of the show. It was “Edible plants”, but actually I would like to add one more aspect to the show.
Well,I still have an idea – old idea of having some furniture plants series at your amazing place with amazing furniture.
Then I thought of dividing in two groups – one is for table, and the other is for furniture. I thought of the title/theme as “Economical plants”, but my British friend told me it sounds just “Cheap or affordable plants.”

So, some other NEW idea for the title/theme ;
A.Sustainable plants
B.Fertile land
C.Cabinets of curiosities (This piece of furniture is one of my recent obsession, and it is kind of a metaphor – full of nature curiosities in a room/piece of furniture )


Installation sample 

** I used the same frame size (shape, color, and material) already in your collection to be matched for the two themes, but all can be altered.
** These selections are just one of my suggestions, it will be mixed in many different ways. As you kindly mentioned, the space may be limited.We can start picking only the ones that caught your attention from the selection, and the rest can be later, too.


WALL for furniture



WALL for table



There are two more small Mr.Tong collection pieces – an olive and a small wild cherry here with me.

These selection is just a suggestion

By the way, this is my original and old idea .
It excites me to think that the combination of your amazing furniture, beautiful natural cray wall, and my works would work wonderfully!
And, now, you are selecting those healthy and tasty food – what a match to the dinner table concept. People often forget how deeply plants contribute to our daily life. The chair you are sitting on, the table you are dining on are used to be “a tree”. Most of the food is plant or plant base, and the plants are beautiful!! It is a cliche and may sound cheesy in words, but I wish to say it in painting. “painting / art” is my language.


Artwork details



Red daikon / 29 x 21 cm (38x 31 cm frame)



Purple carrot  / 28 x 21 cm (38  x 31 cm  frame)


Mesclun leaves / 21 x 28 cm (31 x 38 cm  frame)


Atomic grape tomato / 21 x 28 cm (31 x 38 cm  frame)


Tiger jewel tomato / 14 x 14 cm (30 x 30 cm frame)


Fig 14 x 14 cm / (30 x 30 cm frame)


Aged White oak leaf / 14 x 14 cm (30 x 30 cm frame)


Walnut (HIMEKURUMI 姫胡桃) / 11.5 x 16.5 cm (32 x 32 cm frame)


Black pine corn / 17 x 24 cm (32 x 32 cm frame)


Cherry (Satou Nishiki 佐藤錦)/  14 x 22 cm (32 x 32 cm frame)


Wild cherry / 14 x 26 cm (32 x 32 cm frame)