I’ve been thinking of the show since you mentioned the opportunity. My work is simply time-consuming, so it is coming slowly…but here is the idea.
I think we can include your collection (still with me here) in the show, so I can built from the collection to see what a possibilities are. These are just an interim report, so I would love to hear your feedback!

Show title ;

We discussed about the title and the theme of the show. It was “Edible plants”, but actually I would like to add one more aspect to the show.
Well,I still have an idea – old idea of having some furniture plants series at your amazing place with amazing furniture.
Then I thought of dividing in two groups – one is for table, and the other is for furniture. I thought of the title/theme as “Economical plants”, but my British friend told me it sounds just “Cheap or affordable plants.”

So, some other NEW idea for the title/theme ;
A.Sustainable plants
B.Fertile land
C.Cabinets of curiosities (This piece of furniture is one of my recent obsession, and it is kind of a metaphor – full of nature curiosities in a room/piece of furniture )

I am sorry this time I didn’t include good scanned images of new works, so the artwork image may be very vague. If you would like to see the clean scanned image, let me know!
It may take a little while, but I will prepare the scanned images for you to see. Meanwhile, this is mostly for to share visually what my plan for the show will be with you. All works I share with you are safely hold with me regardless you take or not. I think it is all depends on how it looks all together, so it is hard to pick at this moment for sure. Also, we may not need so many pieces, too.

WALL for furniture  

WALL for table



There are two more small Mr.Tong collection pieces – an olive and a small wild cherry here with me.

These selection is just a suggestion at this moment, several more pieces will be available by early summer to be chosen for the show.

By the way, this is my original and old idea ( when you kindly suggested me to have my pieces for the London show. I still believe that the collaboration between my works and your furniture would be great!)